I am using DVDFab HD Decrypter to remove the copy protection so I can back up a few of my DVDs. Then use “Totally Free Burner” to burn to by external burner. I’ve watched movies before that I have decrypted on my hard drive and they look great. Then after I burn it, the subtitles appear. Movies are not fun to watch with subtitles. what are my options? Different (free) decrypter? Different (free) burner? Am I missing an option on one of these programs?
Any help is appreciated.

What program are you using to reduce the size of your movies to fit onto a blank dvdr? Not all will require compression, but many will. Or do you burn to double layer dvds on the large movies?

Try this process: Rip with DVDFab HD Decrypter, open the resulting files with DVDShrink and uncheck the boxes next to the subtitle streams. Then backup the files with Shrink and burn to a disk with whatever program you like. I use ImgBurn personally.
Both Shrink and ImgBurn are free to download and use.

Read some of the guides to using Shrink here at cdfreaks in the Copy Movie forum or at
ImgBurn has a forum and guides for using that program: