Do all/most movies have subtitles? I ask because I am a little hard of hearing, and oft, cannot hear everything clearly especially in English movies, (I’m an American, sorry), if so , when you make a copy, as Movie Only, will it wipe out the Subs?

What program are you using to make the copy? In DVDShrink, you can still select which subtitles and audio tracks you want included when you just back up the main movie.

Once you open the dvd with Shrink, just hit ReAuthor, select the Title you want (almost always the largest in the list that appears), drag it to the left side of the window. Then hit the Compression Settings tab and you will see all the subtitles and audio streams that are included in the main movie.

The same sort of process is done in the other copy programs, so to answer your question, the subtitles are always included unless you choose not to include them. And yes, virtually all commercial movies have subtitles, though in some foreign films you might not have English subtitles as an option. English subtitles are probably the most common though.

I have several programs, Dvd Fab, DvdRebuilder Dvd95copy, Ripit4me Dvd Shrink, IMGburn., I use DvdFab themost. BTW, thanks for the reply.

Rebuilder will take out what you do not need.
You can rip whole think and use Rebuilder to remove unwanted parts, like foreign audio and foreign subtitles an other, leave only movie and subs you like.
Shrink in reauthor mode will do same, but you will loose menu.