Help needed by newbie!!!
Am trying to copy my DVD’s onto a Noontec Gigaview Media Player as we travel a lot and carting cases of DVD’s is becoming impractical. Am currently using DVDFab HD Decrypter( because its free ). The problem is that if i save the copy to my PC’s hard drive and play it I can select subtitles from the title screen using my mouse, proving (I think ) that they are being copied. If I save them to the media player however, I have to use the remote control, no mouse! Pressing the Subtitle button on remote just gives me the white hand, and at the title page there is no way ( at least I can’t find one ) to select the subtitles as the arrow keys don’t move you around the screen, they take you to next/previous file.
Have gone into setup menu and notice that although the menu allows you to select large / small font for subtitles if you exit then re-enter the menu subtitles has reverted to off.
Any help gratefully received before media box goes through window!!