Just got a copy of FabDVD Plat with Mobile Option and am converting a DVD stored locally on my PC’s HD. Everytime I use the PS3 profile it adds subtitles which I then can’t get rid of when playing on the PS3.

I’ve tried playing with some settings but they just won’t go away, what am I missing?

Also, ideally I’d like the PS3 to stream the vid off my PC’s HD over the network, can this be done? If so how do I get the PS3 to see the PC? The only thing I’ve managed to do so far is get it to see the Windows Media server but I can’t load an MP4 into this?

Cheers guys


You have to UNcheck all the subpicture streams before you click NEXT. Read [B]this page[/B] in the Guide. Scroll down for the part about subtitles.