Hello; This is my first post and it may seem like a
stupid question but here it is.

I checked several posting about this issue but couldn’t
find an answere. When I make a backup,using
movie only, I uncheck the subtitles but when I play
the backup there still there. I tried the backup in
two players,and had the same results.

Thanks for any help

dvdfab plat

Hey harmabif, just thought I’d chime in on this. When I backup using any ver. of DVDFab in the mainmovie option, I to always have captions pop up. I have to go back into my DVD player and turn the subtitles off. This is no big deal, but is this suppose to happen? Or, which is probably right, am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Mike

Welcome to CDFreaks;

Try to use the DVDShrink to rip the DVD Video in your hard drive in backup function of DVD Shrink use main movie only and that might do it.

Have never had this happen in over 100 movies with Fab going back to 2.9.x.x. Your player may be the issue. Many titles have subtitles AND closed caption text encoded. If the player defaults to closed captions ON, you would see them even if you had excluded the subtitles when ripping. This is particularly true for R1 DVDs played on NTSC TVs.

These are 2 different display types so I agree with Signals it may be in your player. Subtitles are for language translation while closed caption text is for hearing impaired and may built in an area that a backup program may not be able to delete. If you look, many TV shows are shown with closed caption but if set is not compatible usually older sets or in setup you choose not to display closed caption the picture will play and you never know they are there.


Quick tip:

How to distinguish subtitle text from closed caption text: In most cases the closed caption text will be white characters on a black background or in a black box that obscures the movie video; subtitles may be white, yellow or some other color text with no background other than movie video. Not universally true, particularly for R1 discs encoded in Europe/Asia (what would be “imports” in the USA), but a good rule of thumb.

This also happens to me, but only in split movie mode on disc 2. Even shows up when I preview it in Windvd before burn and on the burnt copy , both when played on the PC and my home DVD player. :confused:

Yeah I get the subtitles not the cc on for 2nd discs on my splits and I’ve seen it on multiple players.