Howcome When You Back Up A Dvd Movie The Subtitles Are Turned As Default When The Backup Is Played???

Also, When A Film Has Subtitles That Are Used Essentialy Due To Foreign Language Are They Imbedded Or Do They Have To Selected Seperatley.



Hamtyler -

The CloneDVD software program does not by default turn on the display of “Subtitles” when viewing backup copies in your DVD Playback device.

Suggest reviewing your DVD Playback device and ensure that by default that you don’t have “Subtitles” viewing enabled.

Why in CloneDVD are you selecting to include “Subtitles” when making your backup copies? Is including “Subtitles” in your backup copy a conscious decision on your part? Including “Subtitles” in your backup copy is not necessary unless actually want “Subtitles” included your backup copies.

Suggest viewing the AnyDVD-CloneDVD User Tutorial ->


PS - In some particular DVD Movie Tiles “Subtitles” are imbedded in the main movie body and the viewer does not have the option to disable viewing “Subtitles”. Two DVD Movie titles I am aware of is “The Longest Day” and “Tora! Tora! Tora!” In scenes where the German and Japanese characters are talking in German/Japanese English “Subtitles” are displayed.