I have a tv show burned on a DVD, and it has subtitles. On my PC, the movie is fine. But, when I play the DVD on my TV (a normal, 25" tv set), it doesn’t show the whole screen of the movie. Like, it cuts off on all 4 sides, and I can’t see the subtitles since they’re at the bottom. is there anyway to fix it?

BTW, i have Windows XP Media Center, if that matters and I use the default DVD/CD burner (I think Sonic or somtin)

THANKS (sorry if this doesnt go here)


Is it widescreen, and is your DVD player set to automatically crop a widescreen DVD?


I think its widesceen, but I can’t be sure, but its 720x480 pixels.

How woud I set it to crop widescreen? BTW, the DVD player is a PS2