Subtitles wrong color

Ok, basicly I have processed all the DVD (NTSC to PAL conversion), I now have a .m2v file, a .ac3 file, and a .srt file (all 25fps PAL). I then convert the subtiltes to a .sup (with SRT2SUP) and Multiplex with IFOEdit. It all works fine, exept the subtitle’s color is wrong.

I used these colors for the subtitles, and have tried many other combinations, and none work.

The right colors are there, just not in the right order on my computer (with the middle grey, the outline white and the anti-alias black, or in some other random order), if I burn it onto DVD on my standalone it is Red outline with a white middle, and the subtitles seem to be fuzzy.

I tried after multiplexing the DVD editing not editing IFO subtitle colors. But it ends up looking it looks the same as if I do edit them to the following colors:

SRT2SUB says this in log:

So I use IFOEdit to change them to this (they where all 00 00 00):

Any ideas? Am I missing something really simple?

Many thanks,
Ben :slight_smile:


Re-open your IFO file and check the values you entered. If they’re still all zeros, you probably forgot to click save after editing.