Subtitles won't render since November release

I am currently using the latest DVDFab Platinum. Starting with one of the November releases, subtitles on my foreign movies stopped being rendered into my MP4 rips. They do show up in the movie itself and even in the little preview window, but not in the final ripped mp4. Here is a copy of the profile I am using to do the rips (I modified one of the Zunes to make a custom one that rips at the resolution and bitrate I want):

<profile name=“Zune 80GB mp4” version=“200” device=“zune” tag=“dvdfab” description=“Zune 80GB”>
<file format=“mp4” />
<audio codec=“aac” channel=“2” >
<freq value=“48000” list=“48000”/>
<bitrate value=“256000” list=“64000,96000,128000,16000,192000,256000”/>
<volume percent=“150” />
<size list=“320x180,320x240,480x270,480x360,640x360,640x480,720x480” out_size=“720x480” />
<outfps mode=“3” value=“0” list=""/>
<encode codec=“h264” bitrate_kbps=“2400” maxbitrate_kbps=“2500” >
<mode value=“real_time” list=“real_time, high_quality” />
<acodec name=“faac”/>
<vcodec name=“h264”/>

I don’t think the profile has anything to do with it, but maybe someone else can try a rip with subtitles and see if it actually works. Prior to November 2008, it worked fine with this profile.


You should make sure you check the subtitle in the Source Dialog.


Yes, thank you. When I rip an mp4 with subtitles that I want, I check the English subtitle box and verify it displays properly in the preview window. As I stated, this worked fine up until one of the November releases.

i’m doing some testing. i went back to the oct release and the same problem showed up. im only ripping one chapter to get more tests done quickly.

i’m trying to encode to different default formats now to see if it works with one but not others or if its a resolution or cropping issue.

Ok, I think I have narrowed down the problem and how to fix it. I’ll do some full rips to be sure. But this is what I found:

If I rip at 720x480 (1.5 aspect ratio) the subtitles are not rendered into the video mp4 output.

If I rip at 720x400 (1.8 aspect ratio) the subtitles DO render properly into the mp4 output.

I don’t know why it works in one resolution and not the other. When I tested I made sure all the variables were the same except the resolution. I was able to reproduce this several times.

any insight as to why a 720x480 resolution does not render subtitles and a lower resolution does?

The problem persists in the latest beta release.

I have no idea why, but this is not a new problem. I never use such large screens but other users have had this problem with really large screens (anything = or >than 480px)going back I think to at least v4, maybe earlier.

yeah i think you may be right and i just noticed it lately. i wonder if turning off autocropping has anything to do with it.

It might on some movies, but I think it’s the size thing. I never have a problem at 480x272, but I can make it fail every time at resolutions more than 400 pixels tall. Haven’t paid any attention to the aspect ratio when I’ve tried this but that could be a factor also. When you’re doing one chapter tests on this, watch out for the “not chapter one” problem–they don’t render at all at any screen size if you don’t start with chapter one of the movie (at least with what I’ve tried).

I wonder if this is an issue we can expect to see fixed eventually. I hate to have to rip subtitled movies at a lower resolution than the rest of my collection.

I think so, buzz. It is a problem for many users.