Subtitles won´t work (Mac)

I have just downloaded the trial versjon of DVD2One for Mac OS X. I love the speed and ease of use. and would definitive like to buy it, but I got one problem keeping me from doing that. I can´t get the subtitles to work.

I have sucessfulle made a new VIDEO_TS folder using DVD2One, after selecting the right audio track and subtitle tracks. I have used MacOS X DVD-player to play from the VIDEO_TS folder and the video and audio plays perfect. I have tried to select a subtitle, but are not allowed. Do I have to burn a DVD or make a disc image to make it work?

I guess you are a OSX newbie? The subtitles are there. For a running movie you can select/scroll the different subtitles by opening the remote of DVD Player (click the three dots on the remote) and selecting the subtitle button (with the dots and stripes) That’s all. When opening the remote, you can also use the slow motion, sound, angle etc. buttons. If you burn your VIDEO_TS folder and play it on a standalone, you can select/scroll the subtitles by clicking the subtitle button on the remote of the player.

If someone is helping you, it is a good custom to give some respons. A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘works now’ will do. I have seen your name many times after i posted the reply. So you must have seen it. People are trying to help others here. And get paid nothing. Realize that.

Sorry for not responding. But the reason is that I had no chance to test it before I came home. I used my machine at work when I wrote that message. No I have tried it, and you´re absolutly right. Silly me had pressed wrong button. Thank´s again for you reply :smiley: