Subtitles turned on

Does anyone know why when making a dvd backup, (recode or dvd2one) some times the copy has subtitles turned on by default, you have to go into the menu and turn them off, I know it’s not a big problem, I just want to know how it works.



Yip it’s called Forced Subtitles and it’s part of Prohibit User Operations. AnyDVD can turn this off (

I leave it on as it’s usualy used when the other people are speaking foreign languages e.g. Elven!


on a related note, be careful about removing sub titles from your transcode. I used to remove them without question, then when watching a movie one day, somebody spoke some elvish and I had no idea what they said!

more over you can remove P-UOPs using Nero Recode too (look under MORE>)