Subtitles to Mobile



When trying to rip subtitled Chinese language version of Drunken Master to H264 generic video, I get no picture. Dubbed version works fine. Other movies with subtitles work fine. But I get nothing with this movie.

Anyone have this issue & might know what I’m doing wrong?


Check your subpicture options on the Title selection page and the Conversion Settings page. See if the subtitles display properly using the Preview window to make sure the correct subpicture stream is selected. You may also need to uncheck the “Display only forced subpics” box on the Title selection (1st) page if the subpics aren’t forced. Also, sometimes subtitles don’t render to video correctly if you select a very large screen size. Make sure “Direct render to video” is selected in the subpicture area (lower right) of the Conversion Settings page.


That’s one weird thing. The subtitled don’t necessarily show up in the preview. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. If I select English, they don’t right away, but if I click around on some other languages, they do. Then I select English again and they are there.
Also, I was ripping to… 816xwhatever.

Also, the subtitles are showing up on some of the letterbox-black areas and cropping is on, so I am wondering if that didn’t throw it for a loop. I disabled the crop & shrunk the size a bit & we’ll see if that works.