Subtitles synchronization in DVDMaestro

How do you synchronize your subtitles in DVD Maestro? The video, audio and chapter files are obtained through DVD2SVCD using Cinemacraft and the subtitle files are obtained through SubRip. The subtitles keep getting further out of sync as the movie progresses. I have tried to offset it in SubRip but because it is not a constant amount, the offset does not work for the entire movie. Please advise…thanks in advance!

Was the original dvd an NTSC at 23.976 fps ? and your loading in the Pulldown …mpv file into Maestro ? If so, then in SubRip use the Time Correction icon and then select the Time Stretch / Speed Adjust option. Enter movie length in time x 23.976 / 29.97 or I may have it around the wrong way, I’ve never done any subs with NTSC files.

Thanks for trying to help chickenman. Yes, the original is NTSC and the file I use in DVDMaestro is the Pulldown mpv file. I have tried your suggestion but the subtitles are still out of sync. Does anyone else have a suggestion?..thanks for your interest

Check out

Use pulldown v0.99d or later (comes with DVD2SVCD 1.2.1 build 3) and run:

pulldown source.m2v target.m2v -drop_frame true

Create a NEW project with DVDMaestro (do NOT edit your old project) using the target.m2v file and add your subtitles, this should force the subtitles in sync.

Works for me, hope it does work for you too.