Subtitles still not quite right



Testing with build, but has been a problem for the last couple of months.

Subtitles are now being generated correctly (as one idx pair of files). However I’m having trouble with a couple of DVDs. One is “Doctor Zhivago”, another os “Lawrence of Arabia” and another is a hitchcock movie “Sabotage”.

I’m not sure if DVDfab is having problems when it rips the dvd to the hard drive as a straight DVD9 rip, or if it is when it does the generic MP4 conversion. But whenever I try to make an mp4 file from the DVD9 rip, I end up with a file with subtitles really out of synch. The audio is out of synch on “Sabotage” too.

When I try to mux the mp4 into an mkv file, mkvmergeGUI tells me that there is some missing data in the ac3 file, and that the subtitles are missing some header information and so might not be in synch.