Subtitles - Some Help Need - Thanks

What is the best way to put subtitles in one rip?
Ex. A have backup my Gone in 60 Seconds and after the rip (no Extras) the movie is smaller than 4.7Gb but i dont Know how to add subtitle before burning, I have try a Guide that said to import subtitles whith DVDMaestro but the prog. only imports 406 subtitles of 1336 subtitles.
Is a easy way that works ??? :wink:
Some help please

what i do is select (or in my case delete) all the subs, extra sound tracks and things i want to keep right at the beginning. After youve determand what tile sets you need to keep, open the IFo files in IFO edit, select IFOextras. Here you can stip your movie of anything you want. You can also chose to keep your subs and extra audio tracks. After this, save the IFO and continue as normal. If im correct, the subs will be there.

Greetings and good luck

you could do as |Sinista| but then again maby it dont take you below the 4.37GB limit. if thats the case you have to reencode and then you have to reauthor. thats where you are now right?
I cant see why Maestro would not import all subs.

I used Maestro b4, now i use IFOedit for my authoring, adding subbs is far less bitchy. Just strip them out with VObedit first and then add the .sup to your authoring in Ifoedit.

Take a look at my guides at i think that might help you. if not lmk. (mail or PM)

Check out the SubRip guide @ Easiest program to extract subtitle. Use BSPlayer afterward to play the movie w/ sub.

Stoner. since he is working with DVDmaestro i dont think that is really any good advice… i think he want his subs on the disc and not loose.

and when DVDauthoring SubRip is not the easiest way. It is if you are using DVDmaestro but using vob edit is far easier. 2 3 clicks and you have a .sup file to author. Instead of a lot of settings and 1000+ bmps.

Thanks guys i have this already working.
If you can help me in my other post :bigsmile: (IfoEdit problems in XP

Thanks again