Subtitles Question


I’m new to this so bear with me please. I have downloaded a movie which is not in English and does not contain English subtitles. There is another file I can download for this particular movie which are the English Subtitles.Question? Once I download the Movie and the Subtitles which are in separate files. Where do I go from there I have both but one without the other really doesn’t do a thing,how to I put them together and please if anyone responds to this please tell me what to do Kindergarten Style by steps if possible I’m not a computer genius by far. So please be patient and explain on how to do this in very simple terms.


French1 :confused: :confused:

Depends on the movie…whether there are subtitles available. Don’t know the details, but I know that “subtitles” have been discussed several times on this forum and a search on that keyword may provide you some helpful links in this forum… I assume it is a legitimate download, you would, of course, not have asked it here…

Try VLC as a player. It can handle most subtitle formats.