Subtitles question

Used DVD Decrypter (rip and burn) and DVD Shrink (transcoding) combo to back up Spiderman 2 and was 98% successful. Subtitles didn’t work. There’s a Special Feature that when selected should’ve shown trivia. Clicked “ON”, but nothing. Clicked the French language option and didn’t come up either. Ditto Spanish.

Started from scratch and at DVD Shrink final page. Ticked ALL “English” Subpicture options which I DIDN’T do before so that should help (right?). However, two seperate DVD Shrink Edit/Preferences guides offer different thoughts on:

“Hide audio and subpicture streams of insignificant size”

“Select DirectX video renderer” VMR-9 or System Default Renderer (note: used default and worked fine)

“Audio language and coding type” English. AC3 or AC3 or LPCM

“Disable all subpicture except menus and forced streams”

"Read 32KB blocks (default is 64kb).