Subtitles Query

I am having a little difficulty grasping the ripping of subtitles along with the movie.

I usually rip the entire disc off to my HD using smartripper and then dvd2one the movie only.

I have been choosing all available english subtitles in dvd2one. For example Die Another Day had 6 choices and the Godfather has 3.

problem 1, the godfather’s “automatic” subtitles do not come on as standard on my set-top box when the italians are talking. I have to enable subtitle stream 3 to get that up. A real pain, how can i make this come up automatic as on my original disk?

problem 2, die another day. The automatic text comes up fine for me on my tosh set top box, but on a friends the directors commentary subtitles come up as default.

So the question is, i not really bothered about any subtitles other that the “required” ones for when non-english is spoken. How can i work out which subtitle stream this is from say dvd2-one? And how can i make it come up automatically like the original movie disk? (if i’ve chosen the right one will this ahppen for me?) Because die another day had 6 english subtitle boxes to tick/un-tick and the godfather has 3 english?

I tried dvd2one again and ticked only the 1st english subtitle and that was the “full” english subtitles. Its a real pain making sure you’ve got the right one ticked.

Do i need some sort of subtitle analysis tool? If so, what?

Thanks for you help