Subtitles pink or yellow

Hi guys,
I really enjoy playing with my vob files. I split the files, and merge one with another. Sometimes they worked fine, but the subtitles are not looking good. They are not only outlined but also have a pink or yellow color. I heard that one can change that by using InfoEdit, but I don¡¦t know exactly how. Can anyone tell me? Or provide me with a link where I can find useful info. Thanks!


I believe your problem occured with IFO files created by IfoEdit instead of ripped directly from DVD. Anyway you need to open VTS01_0.ifo (or similar, not VIDEO_TS.ifo) with IfoEdit and find VTS_PGC (Program Chain) line where you have to edit colour of your subtitles. There are 16 lines which look like that:
Color 0 Y Cr CB
up to
Color 15 Y Cr CB
Each of these lines contains color information but as far as I know not really all of them are in fact used. So probably the best way to obtain the desired result is to experiment with inputing hex values to above mentioned lines one by one. To make things easier I can tell you that [00 80 80] is black, [80 80 80] is grey and [eb 80 80] is white according to my results. IMHO sometimes nice coloured subtitles can be an interesting surprise to the viewers so maybe it’s worth to try different combinations. HEX calculator is also a useful tool for this purpose.
I hope I helped you!