Subtitles on Generic Mode

Can subtitles be included when converting DVD to Mobile, Generic mode? Can someone please teach me how? Thank you.

On the first screen (before clicking Next) select the video and audio titles you want to include, then in the lower right (the “subpicture” area) select only one subtitle stream. Click Next, the click the Configure button. Change any settings as needed for a normal conversion, then in the lower right use the drop down box to select “Direct Render to Video”. Then click OK, then Start. This will embed the subtitles permanently into the video. (The option is not available in all profiles, but I’m pretty sure it is in Generic/Xvid/audiocopy. Hope it works for you. Post back if yourun into problems.

That worked. Thank you very much.

Glad to help and welcome to the forum. You’ll find this a great place with fellow users ready to help or answer questions.