Subtitles off



In Main Movie option, when I select all subtitles on disk, if I mark one as a default to be played, I have problems when I try to play the disk on a DVD player: All subtitles are ON but no one is shown on screen… In addition, when I include only une subtitle and I select it as a default to be played, it doesn’t appears on screen… This happens using a DVD player software too.
Any Help?


Hello lepulpe2000. I’m not completely sure that I understand your problem, but even if you include all subtitles, you must activate subtitles in your player or none will be displayed. There should be a control for this on your standalone player’s remote or when playing with, for example, WinDVD on your PC, you would right click with the cursor in the video window and then select subtitles from the menu, then select which one you want to display.