Subtitles not working on PS3?



I use the Mobile Generic option to put my dvd’s on my PS3 as VOB(MPEG-2)files. I select 5.1 english for audio, and select all subtitles that are in english. I’ve tried both ways with checking and un checking “display forced subpicture only” with no positive results. In Conversion settings I obviously change the device to VOB, and I also change file splitting to 4GB per file since PS3 only recognizes FAT32, which has a maximum file perimeter of 4GB per file. Yet, in movies like Kill Bill 2 the subtitles don’t appear when they should, like during the long Pai Mei scene. I don’t speak freaky deaky Chinese so having those subtitle’s is kinda important. Any ideas why they’re not working???:confused:


There is currently no PS3 supported file type that includes the original MPEG2 video stream and has subtitle support. For movies that need subtitles, you can either re-encode with burned in subtitles or follow this thread for selectable subtitles: