Subtitles Keep Coming On And You Can't Turn Them Off

How come when i try and back up certian dvds with dvdshink the subtitles keep coming on and wont turn off. I tried deleting subtitles off the disk but now then littel picture that shows you what you selected is gone. If anyone knows why this is happening plz tell me.


See if there’s a subtitle ON/OFF button on your remote … not just the subtitle button which changes the subtitle track - this is common on Sony DVD Players, otherwise check the setup menu on your dvd player and turn off the default language for subtitles.

Because you’re doing movie only copies and the subtitle commands are included in the menu that you’re not keeping.

No i am keeping evrything. Could it be because i put the compression really low on everything but the movie. Also do i need to keep both 5.1 and 2.1 audio in the movie?

You’re the second one today that’s told me you’ve kept the menus and the subtitles still are on by default. I’m quite confused on that one. I honestly have no idea what to tell either of you. I’ve never seen that situation. The only time I’ve seen it is when they put the subtitle commands into the menu directly so that when you do a movie only, the commands to shut them off aren’t included. I honestly don’t have any idea why you’d be having this problem. And I only ever keep the 5.1…the 2.1 stuff is generally director commentaries and stuff I never need.

But do you need both 5.1 and 2.1. Or can i just keep one or the other?
Thanx for your help

usually u can dump the 2.1 because the 5.1 can be mix-down to 2.1

I just keep the 5.1 myself. Never had a problem doing that.

You can load your main VOB file in DVDSubEdit, and see if your subtitles are “forced”. If they are forced, you’ll see the “Forced Start” command in the UI. Forced subtitles are normally only used when someone in the movie speaks a language that nobody’s supposed to understand, but I’ve seen entire movies authored with forced subtitles. You can’t turn them off with the off button, you have to select another stream, and if there’s no other stream, you’re screwed.
If it’s a forced start problem, to change that back to a normal start, select “Normal Start” in the dropdown, then apply to all, then save, and you’re done…

Neat. I’ll have to grab that and check it out. Thanks for the info.

You Can turn off subtitles in Shrink:

Open Shrink, select Edit; Preferences; Stream Selections and tick the box saying “disable all subpicture…”

Only if you keep only the movie. If you do a full backup, that won’t work…

I’ve got the same issue. Interestingly enough, when I play the DVD through my HDMI connector to my TV, the subtitles do not appear. However, when played through component, they appear. This is on both Sony and Toshiba DVD players.

winpitt, you need to see whether you have a PUO (prohibited user operation) that prevents you from turning them off (I have that on several of my DVDs). Load your DVD in pgcedit, then select the main movie PGC (the longest one) and double-click on it, and look a the puos. There might be one that prevents you from switching subpics, or turning them off.
About the HDMI connector, this is surprising but I don’t know anything about what’s being sent via this connector. It’s quite possible that the subpic data is sent in parallel with the video for the TV to composite itself…