Subtitles in VSO convertXtodvd



I have a problem with VSO convertXtodvd Ι put 2 subtitles in GREEK and Bulgaria, after the burn DVD I see Bulgarian Subtitle in a strange scripture not Bulgarian. What is wrong; The Bulgarian subtitles are Cyrillic
How to fix the problem and i see normally the Bulgarian Subtitles in disk?
Please help me!!!


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I moved the thread in the video edit software section, you’ll get a higher chance to get answers there :slight_smile:

Maybe the reason why you get subtitles in Cyrillic is that this is the format used in the original movie. For what I know, the only way to solve is to convert Cyrillic to Latin characters, but I have no idea what software can do this :frowning:


Where does that burned content come from?

If its kinda unknown, you must ask “the creator”.