Subtitles in Kil Bill Vol 1 & 2



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Sorry if this has been asked before.

I have ripped Kill Bill to my Cowan A2(avi) using DVDFab and all is well except the part when the hero goes to get the sword from Japan and goes to learn Kung Fu. I seem to remember when watching the film on TV that there are subtitles to translate the Japanese and Chinese into English. I cant seem to get DVDFab to show just those subtitles and not subtitles for the whole film. Is this possible?





Been a while since I saw these films but I recall that there some very small subtitle files that had to be included whan making the backup to get the results you desire. Have seen the same thing on some other films (Hildago).



DVD to DVD copies should not be a problem. For MPEG4 conversions, put a checkmark in the box that says “Display Forced Subpics Only” on the first DVD to Mobile screen and select the English subpicture stream. If there is more than one English stream, the translations are usually in the lower one. Select “Direct Render to Video” in the subpicture box on the Conversion Settings screen. This is covered in more detail in the Tutorial. I don’t have those movies to check and see which subpicture scheme is used for the translations, may be someone else can check it.


Thanks for the replies.

I will try the “Display Forced Subpics Only” option the next time I try another film.