Subtitles in FairUse Wizard 2

So I ripped a region 3 DVD, and then encoded it fine using FairUse Wizard 2 (Full Edition) but the English subtitles were hardsubbed into the movie, and I wanted them separate.

Anyone know where those settings are?

*Incidentally, I’m no shill for FairUse Wizard 2, but I kept hearing that It might be trial and error encoding my first DVD on another forum, but FairUse Wizard 2 ( Full Edition ) made it super easy and produced a flawless encode. I was pretty sure I would noob something up my first encode but following this online guide it was easy. Just thought I’d mention that because it wasn’t listed in Copy software but it’s a powerful all-one-one ripper/encoder.

Now I just need to know how to get the sub files into separate files, and make sure they’re synced with the avi.

Maybe this is something you might be interested in.

[quote=Dialysis1;2079132]Maybe this is something you might be interested in.

Looks like a great application. Just that FairUse uses proprietary file types. So I don;t think I can extract from those. Was hoping to learn how to do this inside of FairUse Wizard.

Hey man, I know that it’s a bit late to be responding to this, but after you finish building your chain index, aka ripping the dvd onto your computer, it’ll give you all the cropping options etc. So, on that screen you’ll see a box that says, “include subpictures”. That is the one that hard codes the subs. If you just want the subs, just hit “extract subtitles”. Make sure you select the right langauge though LOL… I hope that this helps, and good luck! If you’re still hazy about what I said, check out this guide.

It may be from 2.5, but fuw hasn’t changed much since 2.0.

Shit I thought that that said march 2009. My bad for bumping an old topic…

Crap, now I see that it was from June…

thanks cojafoji