Subtitles: help!

i have a sub and an idx file, but i don’t know how to use them!! i have downloaded (and istalled, before u ask :stuck_out_tongue: ) latest direct vobsub version, but everything i try to do, bsplayer won’t display anything.
please tell me some working settings!

oh, the video is a xvid…

Have you seen the DirectVobSub Guide and followed all of the instructions?

In BSPlayer, have you right-clicked on the player and selected Load Subtitles (or hit Ctrl-L)? If an error box comes up, hit cancel and browse to the SUB subtitle file. Then load the AVI file and start the movie.

You can also browse or search through Doom9’s Subtitles Forum.

  1. yeah, but there aren’t so much infos about how to playback :wink:

  2. yeah, but nothing happens (tried also giving the sub the same name as the clip)

  3. read some posts, but theyr solutions don’t fit.

try again, please! :bigsmile:

A number of people are having probs with latest ver 2.20 but have no probs with 2.18. Not sure where to get it, but worth a try.

just checked: i have 2.21…
but i don’t think it’s its problem: i think it’s mine… if somebody could just tell me the right settings… :smiley: