Ok, i’m kind of stupid for this stuff so any help is more than welcome!
I have an avi file and an str file. I know how to watch the movie with subtitles on my computer but i’m trying to burn a dvd so i could watch it on tv with the subtitles.

I’ve tried a lot of tutorials but everytime something would go wrong.I think that this is the easyest way of all i’ve been trying but i’m stuck again:
I downloaded avi-mux gui and added the avi file and the srt file, and i got a new avi file that should have subtitles. But instead of my subtitles on the bottom of the screen is written gab2 during the whole movie.
What am i doing wrong??? Pls help, i’m exhausted!

First examine your SRT file within Windows Explorer, does it appear to have timing information and the proper subtitle text (see example below)? If not, then you might have the wrong subtitle file for your video. Try locating another version of the SRT file from another DiVX Subtitle website. Pay close attention to the details if provided (frame rate, # of CDs), this can make a difference on your success.

Once you have a correct SRT file, and the filename exactly matches the AVI filename, try re-burning again with your tool, but see if there is an option not to burn immediatly. This way you can preview the VOB files in a software DVD player before burning. If not, try using VSO’s ConvertXtoDVD which is the tool I use and have had lots of success with.

00:00:28,492 --> 00:00:32,485
<i>For Those Who Think Young.</i>

00:00:39,541 --> 00:00:44,007
<i>Come on, everybody! Clap your hands!
Ah, you’re lookin’good!</i>

00:00:45,299 --> 00:00:47,977
<i>I’m gonna sing my song.
It won’t take long.</i>