Subtitles for SVCD

Well… I am sorry if this issue had been asked a lot before… but I really could use your help…

I’ve got a movie in SVCD and I need to know how to add subtitles to it. If there is a guide out there, please direct me to it… I hope I won’t need to encode the whole movie… I want it to be like any normal DVD - where I could choose the subtitle.
Also, is the process of adding subtitles to SVCD is the same as adding subtitles to DVD? if not, then could you aswell guide me about DVD Subtitles?

Secondly, I would like to know which software do you recommend for encoding(mostly from AVI to SVCD\DVD…)…

Thanks in advance.

Switchable subtitles don’t seem to work properly with a SVCD, so you will need to use permanent (encoded into the video) subtitles.

See here how to do it:

Ben :slight_smile: