Subtitles font settings



What is the best font, font size and font style to choose for new subtitles to be added on a DVD? Any recommendations?


I thought that if you use SRT2SUP doesn’t ask for the subtitle’s size, but only the subtitle’s colour, alignement, font. I never used it, though…

As ‘type’ and ‘color’, Arial (Bold?) + White are the most useful, I think…


Ermm… Verdana Bold Size 20, White with black outline. works well for me, as it doesnt have any little bits that get screwed up when it is converted. If there is long text however, maybe size 16 is better, you will have to play around with the size yourself depening on how long the text is, and how much of the scr4een you want to the subtitles to cover.

Ben :slight_smile: