Subtitles fall off my TV screen

Hello everyone. This is my first post. I hope I am not covering old territory, but I searched thru quite a few posts and did not see anything that directly related to my issue.

I am trying to copy all 26 episodes of Neon Genesis: Evangelion to DVD. I own them as high quality .avis.

I am doing all of this on a G5.

I convert the .avis to a DVD-ready mpeg format using ffmpegx.

I burn the DVDs using Toast. I can fit up to 8 episodes on one standard DVD. The compression is apparent when there is fast motion on-screen, but I think this is the best quality I can with .avis as my orginal source.

Here is the problem: the subtitles fall off the bottom edge of my screen. My assumption is that this is not an error in the conversion/burning process, but a function of my old television.

Either way, I need to figure out how to add black to the bottom of the picture so that the subtitles will be bumped up and viewable on my television.

Thanks for your time!

You ‘own’ them? I doubt that they would come with subs then.

lol then you do not understand neon genesis fandom.

is this a typical response for this forum? should i have my ethics examined because I have a simple question? do forum posters need to show evidence of legitimate purchase/intent before having questions answered? Jeez, I thought I would share a little bit about the project I am working on, but I guess I know now to keep my mouth shut.

I was excited to see a response, but disappointed that this wasn’t an answer. does anyone know how to add a black bar to the bottom of the picture (or all around the picture) in order to ‘bump up’ the subtitles?

[B][I]chef[/I][/B] is probably making the point that nobody “owns” anything when it comes to copyrighted material. You can “own” a physical DVD disc that you have purchased, or a single legitimate download from a paid-for or copyright-free webite; but not the rights to further edit, convert or distribute the content how you like. Unfortunately being a fan of a particular genre doesn’t justify anything.

We are not the AV police, but to protect CD Freaks’ interests and since Amazon are selling these as boxed DVD sets we have to restrict discussions on these alternative .avi versions you describe. If you want to PM me with information that some of this stuff is acceptable as your own recordings with subs then please do so.

[I][B]Edit:[/B][/I] These .avi files are confirmed as backups from the owner’s DVD collection, and subtitles added separately as an artisitic element of the [I]genre[/I]. Thanks for the clarification :flower:

[I]Thread opened.[/I]

Yap, sorry, I sometimes have problems finding the right words maybe because german is my mother tongue… :frowning: