Subtitles dummy needs help

Hi guys. Just dicovered this site today, and hoped that some good samaritan might be able to help me with my tech problem.

I have a french movie without the subtitles. I have found a separate subtitle file
( 2 files actually: one is .sub the other .srt format) I have not the slightest clue how to attach or embed the subtitles to the movie or even what application I should be using. Any help would be hugely appreciated, I’m dying to watch this movie and actually be able to understand what the hell they are talking about ! :confused:

I have never tried adding subtitles to a movie yet. But I will point you in the right direction.

Subtitlecreator :

:cool: :cool:

:slight_smile: Thanks for the reply. I got kinda lucky with google. :clap: Vobsub is the application used to attach the subtitles file to be played in your media player.

Now I have one more problem ! I want to convert this video clip to MP4, which I can do using Winxmedia, but am clueless as how to embed the subtitles into the conversion. Any lightbulbs flickering above any heads ? :confused: :iagree: