Subtitles - Bad quality



Hello people,
i’m trying to convert a DivX to a DVD, using this guide, and i can do it nicely but the subtitles don’t have good quality (in DVD). The outline of the words are irregular. BTW, in DivX the subtitles are ok.

Click the link below, look at the 1st line to see what i’m trying to say. It’s a preview but after the encoding the quality is worst :sad: :sad:


I tried to edit subtitles with some editing software but i think CCE/DVD2SVCD don’t read the changes and make all as default. In example, i change the font colors in DVD2SVCD but there’s no change after the encoding (even in preview).

Now i’m converting it with NeroVision Express and the subtitles (with ffdshow) are ok but i don’t want to use it because the quality is far away from CCE. :sad:

Can someone help me please?

Sorry my english


Nobody? :sad:


Take a look at this guide:
It’s actually for postprocessing analog captures, but the intent is the same: to improve perceptible quality when going from lower quality to high quality formats.

Other than that, you’re going to have to accept some quality degredation when going from a highly compressed source to DVD.


For me it looks well acceptable


Thank u all.
I just adjust the Color’s Blend on “Subtitle Palette” in CCE and it’s fine now.