Subtitles are ONLY sync'd in Subtitle Workshop

i couldnt get any of my subtitles sync’d to my divx movies (while playing in windows Mplayer) until i got Subtitle workshop. Everything is going great, everything was sync’d properly, except i dont know how to save. i load the movie and the subtitles in subtitle workshop and when i watch it, everything is in sync. i hit save. I place the AVI and the subtitles in a folder and name them the same. when i go to play it on WindowsMplayer, its all out of sync again. I wanna burn the AVI and the sub to a dvd without going through all the trouble of converting DivX to dvd. my dvdplayer CAN handle DivX.

You already had a post concerning sync issues at this thread

In the future, please continue on with your original problem thread, rather than creating a new one, concerning the same type of issue.

sorry bout that, newb mistake. i posted again cause its a different question this time, before i was asking which software to use, now i have a problem with the software with saving.

Sub Workshop will not put subtitles on your video. You have to reauthor Video with imported subtitle file you created.
Each application will accept different subtitle file format, so you have to choose right format when you save subtitle file you created.

The best software I can vouch for is Subtitle creator. You must have the subtitles available for this program to add them on to your file. As CDuncle says, subtitle workshop is very good but only for creating subtitles from scratch.