Subtitles and subtitles

This is probably a daft question, but here goes anyway…

I’m watching a movie that has a lot of foreign language dialogue [there are many, so title is irrelivant]. To help those of us who don’t speak the language they thoughtfully put up subtitles as a translation. When I rip the movie I want to keep those, but to save space I don’t want to keep the subtitles for the hard of hearing.

How can I tell them apart if the subtitles are not labelled as such, or can they be combined with the hard of hearing subtitles…?

One other thing, what is a sub-picture? DVD Shrink shows me both some times. Could this be the sub titles I want?

Keep the language(s) you want translating plus all English subtitles. There are pitfalls from deleting English subtitles.

Don’t worry about the hard-of-hearing ones; you don’t have to watch them and they take up next to no room anyway. In fact, unless there are dozens of subtitles, it isn’t worth deleting any of them as the amount of space they take up makes no difference to the quality of the movie, they are simply too small.


i agree with Peter on keeping all subs unless u know for sure that the movie itself doesn’t need them. some movies that have a foreign language use the subs for translating (such as in “The Sum of All Fears,” the subs are used to translate the russian dialogue). if u strip the required subs for movies such as these, u won’t get a subbed translation of the dialogue.

Thanks for the tip.

I have always deleted all the subtitles as for some reason my Sony combined VCR/DVD player will always show subs on movie backups with no menu, where as my Toshiba DVD and PC default to no subsf. Just me being lazy.