Subtitle workshop qeustion

I’ve been subbing a movie. It’s almost done but ive made some few mistakes.
Now ive got to add some new fragments. That means ive got to change the time of all the other lines aswell. And ive already synchronized 30 minutes of the movie. It would be crazy to do that all over again.

Thx in advance.



Is that a question or comment?..Oh yeah, I know! life’s a beach…
BTW, WC…:wink:

omg sorry.

Ye its a question ofcourse.

I want to know how to add 30+ seconds or so to each line.
Without editing them one by one.

Is that possible to do with subtitle workshop.




Loads of info @ VH just scroll down to the guides and How To’s…

Just select the lines you want to process and
using Ctrl+D change the delay as you see fit.

hmmmm… if u have already synced 30 minutes , and video audio subs are in proper sync ,then i think u will have to carefully edit it manually… maybe not every line , coz there is usually some slack time between some of the subtitles at various parts …

that gud old programmers , editors ,brute force method …trial and error ,me thinks …