Subtitle repositioning?

Is it possible to reposition the subtitles when remastering a DVD, i.e., change the screen position they’ll have in the backup ? What software can do that ?

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I think there is no program for that. 'cause the subtitle file is IN a vob file or something. You can’t get it out 1,2,3. But maybe somebody else know something about it…

Subtitles seem to me to be a bit at the discretion of the player. The same disk displays subtitles 3 different ways in my 3 different players, and even in different colors. I think it is up to the player where to position them. Maybe (but unlikely) you might find a preference in your player’s set-up menu? Where do you want them shown, anyway? Right in the middle of the screen?

Subtitles are produced by authoring packages that convert text into bitmap overlays. Bitmaps are fixed and due to the arbitrary nature of authoring can be set to display anywhere in the visual area. The only way to change where the subtitles are displayed would be to use a utility like SubRip that uses optical character recognition to extract the subtitles as text. Then you’d need to check the accuracy of the OCR job, import the subs and timing info into an authoring package, and then change each sub’s position manually before re-authoring the DVD. If you’re repositioning the button-over-video on Spiderman then GOOD LUCK! :wink:

Thanks, I had no idea it would be so complicated. Funny how the seemingly simpler stuff always is the harder to fix. :wink:

I was thinking mainly about those DVD’s mastered by incompetent amateurs where you have a non-anamorphic transfer with subs too far below the frame, making them worthless in a 16:9 TV.

Huh! Never thought of that either. I actually like the the subs are below the frame on my widescreen movies … much easier to read down there and they don’t obscure the picture. You’re saying that on a widescreen set they won’t be visible? That’s crazy! Most of my movies have subs below the frame (where the black bars are) … if not all! I really thought it had something to do with the player, because my PS2 renders subs differently from at least one of my stand-alones. The exception is image subtitles tracks like the InfiniFilm text or the Men In Black and Men In Black 2 tracks (1 has a MST3K like outline of the guys giving the commentary and 2 has the director drawing on the movie with a telestrator ala John Madden).

I’m shocked to find anamorphic DVD’s don’t relocate the subs for 16x9 tv’s.

It’s only a issue with non-anamorphic discs, and a minimal percentage of them at that. And it’s a legacy issue for the most part, although incredibly there are still publishers churning out a few discs which are non-anamorphic and have subs so far below the frame, with a big font and spread in two lines, that it’s impossible to read them properly (the bottom line at least) in a widescreen TV, even after you try to adjust the zoom modes and switch the picture up and down. It’s rare, but those few discs are out there.

Hey, I encountered something looking for something else and remembered you. There’sa bit about moving the position of subtitles for the reason you mentioned.

Check out this guide at Doom9.

“DVDFab - Full DVD Split Guide”

The guide mentions DVD Fab can do this:

“Finally, Move subtitles can be used the change the position of subtitles. Those of you who have certain non 16:9 widescreen movies with subtitles will know that sometimes the subtitles are displayed in a position where you can no longer see them on screen (stretching a 4:3 widescreen picture to fit a 16:9 TV is such a situation). This function allows you to move the subtitles to a position where you can once again see them.”

Hope that helps.

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