Subtitle program

i hope this is in the right section.
i have a movie that is split in two and both halves have subtitle files.
i am wondering if there a program that i can add these subtitles files to the movie and save it with them attached?
i have already tried media player classic but it won’t load them and if it did, it wouldn’t attach them, only overlay them while playing.

Are you meaning subtitles on a separate screen? Might be possible.

I do not understand exactly what do you mean by attached.
Do you want to be able to switch them ON and OFF as you play DVD?
You say they are overlay when playing.
If that is the case it may be difficult to get rid of them as they may by burnt onto a movie permanently.
If they are as separate stream and “forced ON” you may be able to adjust them, but it will require to use DVD commands.
You can use DVDSubedit to check what is going on.