Subtitle processing tool :/

this sounds cool ,beacause on 16:9 tvs

the subs are often under the picture so you dont see them or you have to small down your picture :confused:

dont know when in will come in dvd2one but does somebody have a tutorial or something to change the subs position with another tool after you did the movie through dvd2one/?

There isn’t.The only way for something like that is re-authoring with DVDMaestro,Scenarist or any other program that supports subtitles.

Hi All

The only problem I have with subs on DVD2One DVD’s is that they seem a little, only a very little bigger and lower down than on the originals.

On my 16:9 TV, the subs aren’t too bad but i can’t have my TV in Cinema mode (ie fills the whole screen) as the bottom line of the subs wont show :bigsmile:

Does anyone know how to keep non subtitle subtitles eg where michael is speaking itialian in godfather/ sean connery speaking russian in hunt for red october and the english subtitle is then used (but subtitles are not wanted in the rest of the movie) etc when ripping a dvd?