Subtitle problem

I’m backing up a DVD that has subtitles on by default for some odd reason. Is there a way to change this without disabling the track?

Here’s a screen cap:

Trace from First Play to find out where R[13] is first used. It probably contains the subpic value 64. To turn it off, change it to 0.

I think I’ll stick with screenies rather than trying to explain it.

Starting from First Play:

Then there’s a bunch of jumps to various locations and to the root menu.

Should I just add a pre-cmd to each episode, say R[13]=0?

PGC 4 has R[13]=0 already, so isn’t subtitle off by default already? Are you playing in PowerDVD? If so, it always turns on subtitle so it’s not reliable.

Why don’t you trace it in debug to see if subtitle is really on when playing the movie? You can see all the register changes there.

If you add precommand R[13]=0 to each episode, subtitle will always turn off regardless of your selection in the Subtitle menu. The only way to turn it on is via remote.

Why yes, yes I am using PowerDVD. :smiley:

I’ve never noticed this behavior before.

Well, there you go. Just use different software player to test it and it should work as expected.

Note that in PowerDVD, even if you turn subtitle off in Subtitle menu, the player still displays it regardless.

Heh, I just burned it and put it in my set top, you were right. Thanks.