Subtitle Problem with Rendition



Backed up Rendition with full disc and main movie with Fab HD dedrypter and shrink and no subtitles were found and unable to turn them on with dvd remote. In the past I used full disc to get the subs and had to turn them on in the player, but am unable to do this with 4.060 version of Fab. Any ideas would be appreciated as I have tried several times and checked and rechecked the settings in Fab to make sure they are the same as in the past.


Not sure what to say as I never use Fab HD decrypter.
I created a bkup of Rendition, R1, platinum Beta, customize, stripped down to title 1 (main movie only), as is my usual unless I want the whole disc.
I just took a look at the rip on the hdd
The English subtitles are present…per my default settings and they’re present on the bkup as well.