Subtitle problem with

Hello !

I am using DvdFab and I have problems getting french subtitles…

With “The Host”, I did “Movie only” and picked “Korean” as main langage, and picked French for subtitle. The resulting DVD does not have any subtitle. If I do the same operation and choose english subtitles, it works.

Same thing with “Letters from Iwo Jima”… I picked Japanase for the langage and french subtitles, got the japanese track only without subtitles… redid it with japanese langage + english subtitles and it worked… any clues ? known bug ?

thanks !

Does your DVD player have the option to bring up the subtitles ? Mine does. If yours does, then maybe you can see if the french sub.'s are actually there. ~ Mike

Yep, it does… french sub does not show up… Also tried on my computer with Windows Media Player + Nero Showtime, and french subtitles are listed but won’t appear !

Being the subtitles are french maybe there mimed-LOL

If you want the French subtitles to display at all times, the subpicture selection area should look like this: (may not work every time, i.e. you may still have to trigger them manually with some players).

@tgidday Good one. LOL:)

That’s pretty funny, I don’t care who you are :clap: