<subtitle mode="0" /> or <subtitle mode="1" />

What is <subtitle mode=“0” /> or <subtitle mode=“1” />

Does it work in version DVDFab How do I use it?

<subtitle mode=“0” /> or <subtitle mode=“1” />

subtitle mode=“0” or subtitle mode=“1”

Not sure. It is a switch that was added to some of the profiles fairly recently. It may force on or off the “Display Only Forced…” checkbox or perhaps force sub file vs. direct render output for the subs. I have asked but not received a response yet.

You are correct.:clap:

subtitle mode=“0” Display only forced subpicture
subtitle mode=“1” Direct Render to Video
subtitle mode=“2” Extract to IDX/SUB file

You must have done a lot of experimenting. :clap: I have removed the line from the one non-homemade profile that I use and have not had any trouble.