Subtitle lines lenght in ConvertX

Hi, it’s some possible to set number of letters displayed in one subtitle line? Because sometimes subtitles are split through four lines whereby in one line is for example only one or two words. (excuse me my bad english)
If i’m create this subtitles in DVD-lab, there is no problem and are displayed correctly (same settings - Arial, size 24). But ConvertX create this:

original (or created with DVD-lab):
xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxx

… ???
if it were possible to set size of margin for subtitles, it could may resolve this problem.

Hi there,

VSO has released VSO ConvertXtoDVD v2.0.7.114 (Pre-Public)

When you right click on the subtitle, you can set the line lenght.

I haven’t tested it yet, but it should do what you need.

Yes, it’s works. Thx dude, you are save my life :smiley: :bow: