Subtitle font/style doesnt changes

I have the same problem like this guy here that posted on another forum…

Hello, i have a little problem with my subtitles.

When i change the subtitle font/style at the options of ConvertXtoDVD, and i convert it to DVD, when i start playing the .vob file on my pc, (of course i always test it before i burn it on my dvd) the subtitles are still the same (very big and ugly).

I have tried different styles and fonts, but it still stays at the same ugly font/style (grey with huge white path background on it)

Yes, i have disabled the option opaque box.

I have tried everything, but it still stays like he wants to stay.

So my question is… If i burn it on DVD, would the subtitles be like i want or would it be like the ugly one?

If it stays with the ugly one, what can i do?



…but got no answer

Can someone tell me what to do? I don’t know how to solve this…

Have a look at this, it should point you in a general direction.

:cool: :cool:

Also have this problem with convertxtodvd… still no solution :frowning:

Problem solved.

The messy subs are not seen when you put it on a DVD+R.
It’s the VLC Player that has a problem with it.