Subtitle does not show up after ripping with DVDfab

I’m now to this forum, just registered after trying DVDFab Platinum (trial)

I have tried about 15 different DVD Copy/Rip software titles, ended at DVDFab Platinum, which works fine but.

I have some DVD’s fo which I want to remove the menus, and just preserve the Main Movie, which automatically start playing in the DVD player, with default subtitle visible.

These DVD’s have a main menu in which an option to switch on the subtitle. When I make a DVD copy with DVDFab, I find that still the subtitle is not visible and must be switched on using the DVD Remote Control.
Is there a way to have subtitle automatically visible?

If not it could be an exellent feature request.

Cheer Jaap


There is no way I know of to make this work using DVDFab. It will select whatever default subtitles you wish for inclusion in the output, but displaying them is normally a player function. It may be possible to manually edit the IFO file associated with the movie VOBs but that is far beyond my level of knowledge. If you make the backup copy using Platinum’s DVD-Mobile functions to an AVI file, the subtitle you select will always display since it is encoded with the video (you can’t turn it off).

Maybe this will help.

An excellent guide by a knowledgeable poster, but still far more trouble than pushing the button on the remote.:slight_smile: