Subtitle: convert .SRT to ".IDX + .SUB"?


Is there any utility could be used to convert .SRT to “.IDX/.SUB” ?

I downloaded .SRT file, it is a text file (small size),
but I need to convert it to “IDX+SUB”.
Because “IDX+SUB” contain all the font bitmap, they are much larger
than .SRT file. I can then burn divx file with “IDX+SUB” and play it on
divx-capable DVD player.

Doesn’t the player support srt’s?

the player only support SRT in English,
other language will be displayed as unreadable symbols

Subtitle Workshop ( can convert Text Subs to graphical subs, but does not suport the Vobsub (ixd+sub) your after. But then Vobsub (subresync) can convert many Graphical into its own format, so you should be able to find a solution.


I installed Subtitle Workshop,
but I’m not sure which output option to be graphical subs,
Could you give some hint please?

Worst case I guess you could export as a sup file, author then extract.

no need for all the hassels, u can choose the font type in VobSub… Just choose the correct font type for the language u want …


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Standalone players don’t run DVobSub.

Does anybody have a solution for this?? i’ve been gooling and trying different combinations of software for hours now and the onlything i can come up with is converting to sup, author and rip the subtitles… that seems like alot of work when i have 22 episodes of a tv show that i want to convert! so if anybody has a clue please tell me :bow: … im going nuts!

I don’t really see the point for that. Try using something like zoom’s player or bsplayer ( Both are free afaik!

what is the other graphical subtitles you suggest?

i have found it it is txt2vobsub program

A nice solution is using DVDLab for authoring. Doing [I]Project___Project properties[/I] you set the TV system (either PAL or NTSC) then you select a template (like [I]Simple (movie only)[/I]) , then load the video (M2V) , the audio (MP2 or AC3) ; finally you click on the ‘Sub’ box, it opens a window which can import four text subtitle types (.sub;.srt;.ssa;.son;*.sst) . You choose the font type and color , you press the ‘generate subtitle stream’ key and in few minutes it’ll turn SRT (and all others formats) --> .SP1.
[B]Just a caution: if your movie is 16:9 and it will be played on a 4:3 TV, turn off the ‘Format for 16:9’ checkbox or it will appear ‘squeezed’.[/B]

On you’ll read some suggestions on the most proper settings , even if my opinion is that the default font [Tahoma 24] is a too big font.
On you’ll see that they suggest Arial 22 Thick Outline. But it’s you the one which decides. Just make some test, first.
Once it ends, importing it as an ‘asset’ you can add that .SP1 in the authoring project you’re making.
Author your DVD and you’ll have your DVD with subtitles. You can also choose to set the subtitle ‘on’ by default, when you play.
DVD Lab is a nice application with many useful tools.
If hou have TMPGenc Xpress AC3 plugin you can even encode WAV —> AC3!
If you wist , test it. It works great. If you just need to author simple stuff, the basic version of DVDLab ($99) is enough.
Judge by yourself on

Yes, easy. Buy the DVD, don’t download it.