Subtitle change on original DVD?

Is ther any program to change subtitle files on a DVD but the menu stay untouched? The menu is very nice but dvd dont have subtitle on my language!

No, because there are no subtitle files on a DVD!

Re-authoring is the only way.

So there’s no option but to re-author the dvd for those that simply just want to translate the english subs to their own native language ?

That’s correct: as [I][B]chef[/B][/I] says, on a DVD-Video there are no separate ‘files’ which contain the text. The subtitles are embedded in the AV stream and thus need to be ripped, demultiplexed out, altered, remultiplexed back and the DVD reauthored.

I had subrip show me the images that displays the subtitles and it allows me to save each sub-screen in a bmp-file. It wouldn’t be that difficult to edit the images, but replacing them with the ones already there, in the exact position and so, I wouldn’t know how to do.