Subtitle Capture Software or Alternative

I am looking at a ton of MPEG’s and they have a date stamp on the bottom of them. Plain white text with a black box background. I have heard of capture software for a camcorder (or Video Recorder), which takes the time step and exports it as a subtitle file. But nothing for an mpeg.

What I need is a program to eport the subtitles as they play as a text file. It is a standard font and the box never moves or is repositioned. Thoughts?

Looking for a program, software, or other method to do this process.

Thanks for your time.

You can use a demuxer to separate the audio, video, and subtitle streams.

Is the timecode ‘burned in’ or can you shut it off? You can use G-Spot to find out. If they are burned into the video not much you can do with them.