I have Season 6 of the Simpsons. Want to put it on my Creative Zen. I have used DVDFAb Gold for some time combined with IMTOODVD Ripper. I couldn’t get an avi that was insynch with the combo. So I tried and now have upgraded to DVD Platnium. AVI in synch. BUT, I can’t get rid of the subtext, subtitles. How do I get rid of the subtitles?

“Bart grunting…”, etc.

I found the setting in common settings to turn off the subtext globally. So at least my avi files don’t have the subtext. But I did not find a way to turn it off, or on for that matter, in the configuration screen that does the setup for the avi file conversion. It is listed but there is no option to turn it off or on. Seems like its a setting that should be included in the configuration screen since it is afterall where you do the configuration.


You have to UNcheck the subpicture selection boxes on the previous page–before you click Next. The area on the configure screen will then be greyed out and they will not appear in the output.

Before I even select PVP? Can’t look at it right now as I’m making some avi files but I will. So from the main screen before hitting Next? I still say that it should work in the config screen.

I think whether subtitles are included has to be decided before the title analysis that occurs when you press next. You can always use the drop down in Configure to extract them to a file and then discard the file. The subpicture selection box appears after you select the device type (PVP) but before you click next.

Yes I see it now. But I swear those options weren’t there at first. I went into the common settings menues, changed it to not ever include subtitles. Than after reading your post I changed that setting back, otherwise I wouldn’t have any options in the program, and then went through the steps you described. I may not be the sharpest tack in the box but I don’t remember seeing those options.

Plus when I do batch conversions for the Creative Zen for dvd with several episodeds, each is a seperate avi file, I have to de-select any subtitles for each “chapter”.

I’m going to reset the global setting.

I’m not happy that IMTOO DVD Ripper is getting audio out of synch. It was so easy to use. But I am getting to like the full featured DVDFab Platnium!

I have been using it since the “free” version of 2.9. It really has come a long way.

Glad it’s starting to make sense for you.:slight_smile: If you were reading a disc with no subtitles, the subpicture selection area would have been blank. Platinum has become about the only thing I use because it has so many options and allows so much user control over the output. It is a tribute to the authors that it also has maintained one-click simplicity for users that want that. It has indeed come a long way.
For TV episode discs, where there are 3 or 4 (or more) episodes on a disc, I copy them first to a HDD file using Customize mode, then use that as a source for making the AVIs/MP4s. If you do it like that you can remove the subtitles from all the episodes at once and the Xvid/MP4 encoding will run much faster off the HDD. If you are also backing up the DVD to a DVD, you can use the temp file (normally automatically deleted, UNcheck in Common Settings) as the Source for the AVIs/MP4s with no time penalty for the rip to HDD.

/EDIT/ The tip in the earlier post about extracting the subtitles to a file and then trashing it is not available in all profiles.

Thanks. I will look at that setting as well. I heard back from IMTOO Support. There is an option to monitor 24mhz in the global dvd settings that I had to turn off. Once I did that, I no longer get out of synch conversions with it. But I am liking DVDFab Platnium as a one stop software solution and it seems to do a little better with video compression.

Much to learn…

I will look at customize mode as an option. Typically I just burn the entire dvd to hdd by using a the burn to folder as the default setting. But if I can save a step with Customize, I will see how that works.

Would be nice to have a little “Rip TV show DVD’s” option. :slight_smile:

It would, but I think there is too much variation in how episodic TV discs are formatted and authored to be able to have an automatic function that would work well for all. But if anybody can do it, it is Fengtao. I have learned over the past year never to say anything is impossible with this software.:slight_smile:

Maybe an FAQ would suffice. How to use Custom mode to capture just episodes, what to do after capture, how to use the various options to make it streamlined, etc.


Not a bad idea at all. It might be something I could add to the Merge mode tutorial (which needs re-writing anyway). I’ll see if there is any objection from the powers that be. Customize is my favorite (and Fab’s most flexible) mode for a regular copies.

For my use the thing I do most is move TV episodes from DVD to PSP/Ipod/Zen for my daughters.

So I say go man, go…

I have the same problem, except i do uncheck the subtitle/subpicture boxes before going to the next page.
Everytime i’ve used this i’ve made sure that on every part of the DVD i want to rip, the subtitles boxes are all unticked. But still, when they are finished they have subtitles!

I don’t know how to get rid of them.

Unfortunately now, ive ripped Desperate Housewives series one, all with subtitles, its quite annoying!

Also, when they dont have english subtitles, they have other languages (i dont know which one) But all the episodes have english subtitles, whereas the behind the scenes interviews and such have foreigh language subtitles.
But i know i unchecked the boxes, because ive done it everytime i use the software.